Homecoming Week at IU

Homecoming week is coming up next week, it officially starts on Monday (Oct 1st), and besides the big football game against  Michigan State on Saturday the 6th, there are also a lot of other events happening throughout the week. Many organizations like UNION BOARD and the STUDENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (SAA) put on fun events every day like spirit days, blood drives, concerts, etc... You can check on the links for more information about specific events, but one thing that I really wanted to mention is Nearly Naked Mile!!! Some people have never heard of  it so I definitely wanted to make sure and mention it! SAA puts on this event year year on the Monday of homecoming week.  It is basically a mile run around campus (starting at Dunn Meadow) and people run/walk in it nearly naked (hence the name). You can donate 2 articles of clothing or pay $10 to particpate and all donations will go to the United Way in monroe county.

 I volunteered at this last year and am doing it again this year, checking people in and standing along the route cheering people on. It's funny to see what kinds of things people wear (you do have to wear some clothing!) and some people go all out painting their bodies and  making funny signs or wearinf funny costumes.  And you never know who you might see! Last year Cody Zeller and some of the other basketball players ran in it. You can register online or come the day of the race and sign up on the spot.  Registration starts at 6:30 pm and the race officially begins at 8 pm. You can order one of the cool neon NNM shirts for $10 also. If you already registered, you still have to come and check in and you will get a wristband that lets you into the afterparty at Jimmy John's, Camous Candy and Buffalouies. Those places will have special deals and freebies. 

What better way to kick off homecoming right??

Whatever you end up doing on homecoming week,  have fun and stay safe Hoosiers! :)

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Allison LefkoHospitality, Tourism, and Event Management major with a minor in Spanish

Hey Everyone! I am a Senior here at this wonderful place we call IU. I love going to sporting events (can't wait for basketball season!) and hanging out with my friends. Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you what me to write about.

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