Campus Visits: Red Carpet Days

I went on an official IU campus tour during my junior year of high school and I had been to IU many other times to visit friends so I felt like I knew the campus well and didn't need/want to attend one of the Red Carpet Days. I wish I had though because it sounds useful and fun and hey you get to miss school for a day and come to IU? Sign me up! And while it's too late now for me to go, you still can!! So what exactly is a Red Carpet Day you may be asking yourself? They are specific days in March and April that IU has for admitted students and their families to visit campus. There is a campus tour, a session where you can ask current students and faculty questions about IU, information about what you should do next including how to sign up for Orientation, and  also the ability to meet your future classmates. Some people might go to a  Red Carpet Day to decide if they want to attend IU and others maybe already know for sure they are coming here, they just want to meet their future classmates and find out more information about IU.

This link goes to the admitted students page where they have the information about what to do after you are admitted and also information about the Red Carpet Days!

Red Carpet Days are free, all you have to do is sign up!

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Hey Everyone! I am a Senior here at this wonderful place we call IU. I love going to sporting events (can't wait for basketball season!) and hanging out with my friends. Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you what me to write about.

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