Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone! My name's Allie and I'm currently a junior at IU. I love IU for so many reasons and I hope that with this blog, I can show some of you the great experiences IU has to offer. I am not only a student, but I also have a part-time job. It can be a challenge to manage at times, but it keeps me busy and I've learned great ways to manage my time efficiently. I'm a SPEA Management major and I am planning on obtaining human resource and public finance minors. The college life down here is great! Bloomington is a small town, but it has so much to offer us. It's a very small and unique town that is always welcoming to the students. 

Over the next few months, I'll be sharing my experiences with all of you. Some upcoming events that I'll give insight on include my classes, my job, my internship which I will start this summer, and the overall college experience (including Little 5 of course!). Hope you all find my posts useful and interesting! 

Till next time, 

Allie J

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