Why Ushering at the IU Auditorium Rules!

Walking into the IU Auditorium is such a magical experience. It’s one of the nicest and most glamorous buildings on campus. I mean look at it: 

It honestly reminds me a lot of Disney World, which is so mysteriously magical as well, but even better than seeing a show at the Auditorium is working there! You get to see all kinds of behind the scenes action and most of all, see the shows for free. To do this, become an IU Auditorium volunteer usher! When I heard about this opportunity before my freshman year, I was already so on board, and I am so glad I decided to volunteer.

Here’s the breakdown:

First you arrive about an hour and a half before the show starts to get briefed about the specifics and split into teams. Most people are assigned to seat guests as they enter the auditorium, but other people are assigned to what is called “curb team.” These people stand outside the building and open the doors as patrons come into the auditorium. After a brief amount of work, you are lead to your seats in the auditorium and you can watch the rest of the show for free! Yes, FREE!

The shows at the auditorium range from incredible Broadway musicals to really inspiring lectures that you are allowed to watch. Just this semester I saw the Barenaked Ladies in concert, heard an incredible lecture from Molly Barker who started a foundation for girls, and watched the world premiere of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. It’s pretty much the greatest gig out there. Not to mention, the leaders are so nice and everyone is awesome there.

Please sign up to be auditorium ushers next semester! You will not regret it! 

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