How to Bear the Anticipation of Moving In

It's now July and the incoming freshmen are biting their fingernails to bare nubs out of sheer anticipation. Welcome week is fast approaching, and personally, I am about to vomit rainbows and unicorns because I am so excited to be the newest student in B-Town. Waiting, however, can be about the toughest thing possible the summer before freshman year of college. This is most definitely the only summer I have wanted to pass quickly so I can start school again. Ok, that may not actually be true because I was one enthusiastic and nerdy grade-schooler. Anyway, here are a few tips to get you through this summer:

1. Paint your nails

Yes, this will help. If you paint your nails it makes it so much harder to bite them. All girls are aware of this, and now boys, it's your turn. Break out the red if you are feeling sassy, or maybe you are more of a black nail guy, especially if you feel a bit melancholic. It doesn't really matter what color, it's all the same. I know you are all asking, "Is she for real?" And to answer that question, no I'm not, that was just to wake you up after that boring introduction. Here are some real tips. 

2. Read some more We Are IU articles

I know this sounds like self-promotion, but it really does help! There are hundreds of articles on this website that will get you ready to start in the fall and make sure that you don't walk onto campus like a blubbering idiot. 

3. Buy some dorm supplies

I just recently bought a comforter ($19.99 at Target, I suggest checking them out!) and it made move-in day seem all that much closer. If you buy some dorm supplies, hopefully it can make you more excited and keep the anxiety in check. 

4. Make a dorm packing or checklist

I am personally obsessed with lists, so I would naturally make a packing list for college. Looking some up online will definitely help because you forget so many things that you don't even realize you need. For instance, Q-tips. I use them once in awhile and totally forgot about those moments when I really need one. I couldn't even imagine the horror of being without them in one of those dire moments. Make a list and get ready for packing up the night before move in because trust me, we're all procrastinators aren't we?

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My name is Alison Graham and I am a proud member of the IU Class of 2017. I'm from Indianapolis, IN and a direct admit to the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism. I hope to graduate with a journalism degree and some kind of other major or minor added in there. I enjoy long walks on the beach, hugging kittens, and eating all flavors of pickles. I hope you enjoy my posts and find them helpful!