How to Be the Best Roommate Ever

Roommates come in all shapes and sizes. You could be best friends from high school, connected online over the summer, or just met at the beginning of the semester. Regardless, living with someone new does present challenges. But with these great tips, provided by me of course, you’re sure to be the best roommate ever!

1. ALWAYS ask first

It’s best to ask first before doing just about anything that will affect your roommate. For example, “Is it okay if I play music?” “Is it okay if I turn the lights on?” Etc. Also, don’t touch any of their stuff or eat any of their food without asking first. That’s a common courtesy that should always be followed.

2. Don’t talk to them when they have headphones in

Maybe it’s just me, but I find this incredibly annoying. If they have headphones in, they are obviously doing something. Either listening to music, binge-watching Netflix on their laptop or doing homework. Just smile and wave when you walk in and then leave it at that.

If they talk to you first, then by all means go ahead and respond! But don’t keep interrupting them.

3. Give them some privacy

Mainly, just don’t be in your room all the time. (Which you shouldn’t be doing anyway! Go out, have fun, and make some friends you weirdo!) Sometimes you just need some time alone and it’s really nice when your roommate isn’t there.

4. Keep your half clean

Do not leave dirty dishes or trash around the room, especially if you live in an older dorm because you can attract some serious creatures, and that’s disgusting for everyone involved. Not to mention, they live in this space too and you have to keep it semi-clean.

5. Say please and thank you

If your roommate gives you a cookie, you better say thank you. As Patrick Starr would say, “Come on it’s first grade, Spongebob.” We all know this, but don’t forget it because simple manners can go a long way!

Now, those are some pretty basic and self-explanatory tips that most people probably already know. But this article is titled, ‘How to be the best roommate EVER.’ That requires going a bit beyond the basics.

If you are great friends with your roommate, here are some tips about being the best that I have seen some people do.

1. Celebrate birthdays

Know your roommate’s birthday and leave a little surprise! Decorate their bed and get them some candy from the c-store. They  will be thoroughly ecstatic and probably have their days made.

2. Encourage them 

If you know it’d going to be a rough day for them, leave a little note of encouragement on the door. Nothing fancy, just a little post-it.

3. Get a fish together!

My roommate and I did this, and they are the best fish ever. It expanded our family to two new members!

Meet Moby:

Maybe those are a little cheesy, but I know I would totally love them.

All in all, have fun and be polite and you will be all set. Auf Wiedersehen! (I’m taking German and I have to practice!)  

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