Five Tips to Living in Wright Quad

1. Bring a fan

The first couple of months in school are HOT. Wright doesn’t have air conditioning so you’ll have to make do with your own system. I suggest getting a box fan to put in your window, and at least one fan to put near your bed.

2. Leave your door open

The first few weeks of school are the best time to meet your floor mates and everyone around you. No one is going to knock on a closed door, so it’s best to just leave yours open.

If no one is coming by to say hi, go over and introduce yourself to your neighbors. Do this before the end of the first two weeks. Anytime after that and it just gets awkward because you didn’t do it earlier.

3. Decorate your room

Like most dorms on campus, Wright has bare cinder block walls. If you don’t hang up any decoration you will feel like you are living in a prison cell. Bring some kind of decoration to hang up on the walls to make it easier moving from home to the dorm.

Some suggestions would be posters, flags, tapestries, pictures, newspaper clippings, etc. Have fun and be creative!

4. Don’t forget shower shoes

If you are living in Wright, or any dorm for that matter, bring a pair of rubber flip flops or sandals that you can wear to the shower. If you don’t, you are risking all kinds of grime and disease built up over many years of use.

The showers aren’t that nice, just as a warning and it’s best to be prepared. Don’t go in bare feet.

5. Bring extra lighting

The lights in the Wright Quad dorm rooms are really harsh and I suggest beginning some substitutes to make your room much nicer. I would bring a couple of boxes of white Christmas lights and a lamp or two. It’ll bring a nice ambience to your room that you’ll want when you’re studying. 

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