4 Ways to Make Friends at a School Like IU

Going to a big school comes with it’s own host of challenges. There are so many people on the campus that it seems you’ll never meet “the group.” The group of people that are meant to make your college experience the best time of your life, or help you live up to all of the expectations you had in your head.

The good news is that because IU's such a big school, there are endless opportunities and chances for you to do just that.

1. Join clubs

This is pretty obvious, but you aren’t going to meet people walking down the streets of Kirkwood. The best way is to go to club meetings and meet people in smaller social settings.

The trick to getting a varied group of friends is to go to a bunch of different meetings. Don’t stretch yourself too thin, but go to groups that you might even be mildly interested in. You never know who you’re going to meet.

2. Introduce yourself on the first day

The first day of class, turn to the person next to you and just say, “Hey, I'm Alison.” (Obviously don't say Alison if your name isn't Alison. Or, you know, go for it. It'll make a good story later to tell your new friends.) You’ll meet so many people doing this and from my own experience, other people sitting around you will usually join in on the conversation because they feel just as awkward as you sitting there quietly.

Not only at class, but right when you move in to your dorm or apartment. Go next door with some cupcakes and introduce yourself. Food is an instant way to make a friend and a great impression.

3. Meet friends of friends

So after you’ve made some friends or at least acquaintances, get to know who they hang out with. You could end up becoming even closer to them than your original contact.

Plus, if you think about it, this creates an endless network of people that you can meet. The more people you meet, the more of their friends you can meet.

4. Look for quality, not quantity

I have always struggled with this. My goal in the beginning is always to try and be friends with as many people as possible and to be liked by everyone. But in the end, all you really need is three or four really great people to be around. If you have more, that’s even better, but work to develop closer and deeper relationships. They are much more valuable than a lot of shallow ones. 

About The Author
Alison GrahamClass of 2017 | Journalism major

My name is Alison Graham and I am a proud member of the IU Class of 2017. I'm from Indianapolis, IN and a direct admit to the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism. I hope to graduate with a journalism degree and some kind of other major or minor added in there. I enjoy long walks on the beach, hugging kittens, and eating all flavors of pickles. I hope you enjoy my posts and find them helpful!