Tips and Tricks for High School Seniors Applying to IU

Ahh, August 1. For some, that's just any other day of the year, but for high school seniors, this day has become chaotic and frantic. 

As a sophomore, it's been a while since I had to fill out college applications and answer essays about why I wanted to attend XYZ University. However, as a Hoosier Guide through the Office of Admissions, I've learned a ton about what to do and not to do when applying to Indiana University. Read on to find out!

1. Apply before November 1!!!

This is the last day that students can be considered for scholarships. Even if you don't think you're eligible, apply before the deadline! You'll be automatically considered, so you don't even have to fill out another application. 

2. List a major

Even if you're undecided, put down one of your interests as your major. Students are eligible for additional scholarships through colleges or departments. Plus, you can also be directly admitted to your major if you list one on your application. This allows you to meet with your major specific advisor instead of just a university division advisor. 

3. Get your information in sooner rather than later. 

I applied to IU August 26 and heard back exactly one month later. The earlier you apply, the faster you'll hear back. IU notifies students on a rolling basis, so avoid all the college waiting anxiety and apply earlier. 

4. Visit!

How can you decide on a school if you don't come to see the school? I didn't visit IU until March of my senior year, but I knew it was where I needed to go for college. Talk to students and faculty while on campus and ask questions about student life, academics, or anything else! Hoosier hospitality is real. :)

5. Don't stress out, and trust your gut

The worst thing about senior year is worrying about getting into college and deciding which college to attend. On my tours, I've heard so many transfer students say how even though they thought IU would be a good fit, they went somewhere else instead. Don't be influenced by the stigmas of certain colleges, or what your friends or family want. This is YOUR decision, so you need to decide what's the best college for you. 

Good luck!

Have any more questions about the application process or life at IU? Don't be afraid to contact me :)

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Alexis DailyJournalism Major, Class of 2017, Houston, TX

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