Five Tips for Scheduling Classes at IU

It is one of the most stressful times of year: scheduling. Indiana University determines the order of scheduling based on the number of credit hours students have: the more credit hours you have, the earlier you can register. For grad students, seniors, and even juniors, this is fantastic news. However, unless you took multiple AP or dual credit classes in high school, freshman and sophomores usually have a tough time getting the classes they want at the times they want. Here are some tips to ensure you get the classes you want when you want them.

1. Look at Requirements

IU requires a certain number of general education classes divided into three categories: Arts & Humanities, Social & Historical, and Natural & Mathematical. For each college on IU’s campus, the requirements for these classes vary. Check on your specific college’s website (Kelley School of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Journalism, etc) to find a more detailed list of what you need to take to graduate. You do not want to end up a class short!

2. Talk to Your Advisor

Thinking about double majoring? Want to get a minor? Changing your major completely? Your advisor is a great tool to use for any of these concerns, and more! Each advisor can help you figure out if you want to continue on your already established course of study, or change it completely. Additionally, they can expose you to a major you potentially never considered. They have the most knowledge about classes and coursework too, so be sure to ask they about which teachers are best, too!

3. Talk to Other Students

Who better to turn to about teacher recommendations than your peers! Talk to people on your floor, in your classes, or random friends you meet about specific classes you want to take, and the workload. Additionally, look at for reviews from students who have taken your potential professor’s specific class.

4. Plan Ahead and Prepare for the Worst

Chances are, you probably will not get your first choice schedule of classes. To avoid frantically trying to piece together your schedule minutes before registering, check out This free website allows you to manipulate your schedule any way you want. Additionally, you can look at the grade distribution for the specific class and teacher.

5. Waitlist

When you’re finally able to register, don’t be afraid to get on the waitlist for a full class. Large lecture style classes have more people dropping when other classes they want become available. Even smaller discussion classes usually take the first few people off the waitlist before the class even starts. Most importantly, if you are unable to get off the waitlist before the first week of classes begin, go to the class on the first day and talk to the teacher about your problem; most of them are very understanding and usually allow you to join the class.

Good Luck!

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