Preparing for Fall at IU

Hello, Class of 2019!

I, and so many others like myself am thrilled to meet you this fall. Take advantage of this summer to relax, hang out with friends and family, fill out scholarships and earn money so that you have something to live off of in the beginning of the school year when everything is enticing.

Indiana University is an amazing experience, especially if you are a small town girl, such as myself. I chose IU because not many people I knew would be attending, which gave me the experience to branch out and learn more about myself. (It sounds cliche, but it's true!)

However, I planned on my first post being dedicated to the new class to help you prepare for the transition into semi-adult life, so here are my tips!

  • If you are in a scholarship program, attend as many events as possible. I had the pleasure of being selected to be a Hudson and Holland scholar, which led to me meeting many wonderful people, and knowing someone in almost all of my freshman-level classes, so that set me up pretty well. H&H also does a great job of setting up its members for success. During Welcome Week, there are so many different events to go to and those continue throughout the year. I definitely contribute most of the people I knew and the opportunities I have received at IU from being a member of the Hudson and Holland program.
  • Do something. ANYTHING. IU is humongous. We all know this. I personally liked joining an organization or doing something that makes IU feel a little bit smaller. Everyone has different ideas of what this could mean. For some people, making campus smaller could be joining student government, getting a job or finding your 100 brothers or sisters in the sorority/fraternity life. IU literally has something for everyone and you are bound to find your niche. Make sure to attend the activity fair
  • Keep your door open. This is something that I regret I did not do more of. Keeping your door open can lead to so many great friendships. This helps with the transition from home to the dorm and for finding new friends as your old ones from high school adjust to their own new surroundings.
  • Be prepared for the food. Honestly, coming from an extreme foodie, the food at the Woodlands isn't too bad. I'm a big fan of food and tend to gravitate towards fruits and veggies more than anything else.The dining halls at IU have food for almost anyone, and the nutritionist and dining hall staff are more than willing to help you figure out what to eat.

All in all, I hope you guys have a great year and I am excited to start blogging. I hope to persuade future people to attend IU if they were on the fence!

About The Author
Alex SchnurpelProcessing Assistant

Hello, everyone! My name is Alex Schnurpel and I am a second year student at Indiana University. I am currently majoring in International Studies, and my concentration is Diplomacy, Security, and Governance. I am also a member of the Hudson and Holland Scholars Program! During the school year, I work as a data processing assistant in the Office of International Services.