About Me and My College Journey!

I figured I should introduce myself a little more in detail than what's in the side bar. 

I'm Alexandra, however, feel free to call me any nickname you come up with (my nicknames range from A, Al, Xandra, Alejandro... the list goes on)! I'm 19 and from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm majoring in Apparel Merchandising from the College of Arts and Sciences while double minoring in Marketing and Fashion Design. I'm in R100 Intro to Retail Design and Merchandising and it makes me so excited to dive into my career even farther.

I am heavily invested in the Retail Studies Organization and couldn't be happier! I also recently started volunteering at My Sister's Closet and Bloomington Animal Care and Control. If you don't know what My Sister's Closet is, I highly suggest you visit their website and discover how awesome of a non-profit organization they are (visit their website here! http://sisterscloset.org). I am very fortunate to be able to work with them throughout the year and help women of Bloomington feel confident going into a job interview. 

Now why I chose IU... Let me tell you right off the bat: It wasn't easy. Before high school even began, I started pondering about where I end up post-graduation. I like to think of this experience as a journey and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I pat myself on the back by starting early (unlike most of my friends who stressed about where they were going all throughout junior year and even half way into senior year... YIKES!).

Even before middle school I knew I wanted to go into fashion. I was co-manager of the costume and makeup for the end of the year elementary school play and I loved working after school hours to do fittings and decide what each person would wear. I probably took it way too seriously for a fifth-grader, but I learned what I loved to do. I couldn't be more grateful for my fifth-grade teacher giving me that responsibility and I owe it all to her that I'm where I am today.

Freshman year came around I was enrolled in a fashion design class. We had a representative from The Art Institute and I had originally fallen in love with the idea with going to an arts school that focuses on what I want to do for the rest of my life. But slowly, the hype died down and I realized there wouldn't be any sports teams (No football?! No basketball!?) and the college life would be limited. I then toured Ball State my sophomore year and loved it, but wanted to see my other options.

It was during my sophomore spring break that I went to tour University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. I have quite a bit of family who lives just 20 minutes outside of campus so I would still maintain family being close by. The tour was nice, perfect sunny Carolina weather, and the most gorgeous pool you could imagine. Girls were tanning in between classes and it seemed relaxing. However, something felt off about the atmosphere there and they didn't have apparel merchandising as a major but had something "equivalent" (yeah right..).

At this point I knew I wanted a big state school and the end of my junior year I narrowed it down to IU and University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!!!!!!). I took a tour of IU around this time last year and I was impressed with their academics and what they had to offer for me. With the academics, ways to get involved on campus, distance from home, and tuition costs being major factors in my decision making, I, obviously, decided on IU.

It was a long, winding journey but I loved every second of it. My advice to those looking at colleges I would tell them to look at places they have a slight interest in, because you may discover you like a place you didn't think you would, or just the opposite. 

College is fun, but the journey to deciding what college is right for you is just as fun if you make it more as an adventure than a task. 

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About The Author
Alexandra Bush

Hi! I'm Alex(andra) and I'm a freshman here at Indiana University! I'm majoring in Apparel Merchandising and double minoring in Marketing and Fashion Design.

I volunteer at My Sister's Closet and Bloomington Animal Care and Control and I am an active member in IU's Retail Studies Organization!

I'm the biggest John Mayer music junkie you will ever meet and I'm not the least bit ashamed (I've been to 5 of his concerts and will be attending another in November.. Obsessed? Nah...).