Why You Should Visit IU

It's that time of the year again. The leaves are starting to change, and high school seniors are visiting campus en masse. As I see all the seniors and their parents, I have to wonder what's going through their minds as they walk around our beautiful campus. Are they surprised by anything, or is the experience exactly what they thought it would be? Chances are, something was different from what they expected. They probably heard rumors, or even stereotypes about IU. Most kids do. IU is a huge school, and people talk. But how is someone supposed to know what's true? Simple. Come visit. Come see us here. See the way students live. See how we talk, interact, and get to class each morning. Take a peek into our lives. There's no better time to visit campus than during Fall, when there's a crisp chill in the air and a distinct feel of excitement.  While visiting campus you can see the dorms in person, taste the food from Wright Food Court, and sit in on a class to see what college is really like. Picking out a college can be stressful, but visiting IU will make your decision that much easier. Primarily, visiting campus gives you a glimpse into your future. By walking around, you start to picture yourself as a college student, and most importantly, a Hoosier. Happy fall, everyone! 

Check out IU's Office of Admissions page for info on your visit!


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