Why I Chose IU

As a freshman, one of the questions you’ll hear most frequently is why. Why did you choose IU? What was it that made it stand out among all the other colleges you were accepted into?

For me, it was a combination of things. Primarily though, I came for the School of Journalism. In 2012, the College Magazine ranked the IU SOJ third in the nation in its field. It’s easy to see why, with top ranking faculty and award winning student journalists. The School of Journalism is a place where journalists are cultivated into the best they can be. I was sold on that point alone.

However, it didn’t hurt that the tuition was super affordable. Not counting scholarships, all in all, the price of going to IU as an in-state student came out to around $19,000 for me this past year. Compared to the $50,000 some of my friends were spending for one year at their college, IU generates the most bang for your buck. In addition, I was awarded several scholarships, which brought the cost down significantly as well.

The prestigious journalism program and affordable cost weren’t the only selling points for me though. Thanks to my high school AP credits, before I even stepped foot on campus, I had enough credits to be considered a sophomore. I tested out of several general education requirements so I could jump right into my major and minor courses. Because of this, I’ll be able to graduate a year early, saving me from debt that I would have generated in a fourth year.

Another great thing about IU is the location. It takes me four hours to drive back home to South Bend, which I consider the perfect distance- I’m only a few hours away from home if I ever needed to get back quickly, but I’m also far enough away that I’m independent and self sufficient. College kids absolutely need to be on their own and away from their parents to grow and get ready for the “real world” that comes after graduation. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Bloomington is beautiful! Long walks to your morning class don’t sting as much since campus is so gorgeous.

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