Tired of the Ramen diet? Apply at the IUF Telefund!!

Face it, at some point we college students have to find a job.  We also have our own reasons for employment, whether it's for a little cash on side, rent or a hefty grocery bill it's always nice to find a job that coincides with our school schedule.  The Indiana University Foundation's Telefund is just that!

What does the job entail? Well simple, you call Indiana Univeristy graduates and ask if they could give back to the school, meaning donations of course.  What's really great is that you can call your desired major or minor, so you'll be speaking with grads that studied in your field.  I've found this very helpfull, most grads give great advice for career options and I've been even offered internships due to my generosity and knowledge of that specific major.  In regards to your work schedule, you make your own to fit your desired availbility.

I know what you're thinking right about now.

Yes, in essence you could be considered a telemarketer but don't let that deter you from applying!  Remember you're not trying to sell a vacum here. it's more like connecting with graduates through a similar field of study and asking them if they're willing to give back to their university.  IU counts on these contributions for general expansion of sections of our University and even providing students with scholarships.

Maybe you're shy?  Might just be that you don't like talking on the phone.  When I began working, these were problems I faced everyday.  The thing is I developed great communication skills from this job, which I believe is essential to have in any line of work.  Say you have a heavy workload during this upcoming semester.  Not a problem, during shift you have a lot of down time (meaning time where you won't be talking to prospects).  In this downtime you can read and even finish some homework.  Doesn't sound too bad now does it?  Being able to develop social skills, complete homework, support Indiana University and make money while doing it?  Sounds fantastic!  So follow the link below and apply!                                                        

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Phone Number: 812-855-5442

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/blog/aeldredHey there!! My name is Drew Eldred, currently a Senior here at Indiana University.  My major is Journalism with a concentration in Informatics.  Upon graduation I hope to get a job writing for some type of entertainment magazine, drinking coffee in my jam packed cubical and typing away.  This will be my forth year living down in Bloomington, so I'm familiar with most of the hot spots.  I'm excited to be writing for WeAreIU so stay tuned for some interesting stuff!