5 Bloomington Hot Spots I've Missed This Summer

Summer is coming to a close for 2013 and yet another school year is about to kick off.  For those of you that were away this summer I’m sure you have some hot spots around Bloomington your hankering to visit. Be it a restaurant, store or your favorite study spot these are my top 5 things I’ve missed about Bloomington this summer.

1. Mad Mushroom Pizza/Breadsticks

With every college town comes pizza, some great some not so great.  With the slew of pizza joints in Bloomington I’ve truly missed one.  The simple yet delicious menu of Mad Mushroom Pizza has satisfied my late night hunger countless times.  My favorite menu items have to be the Philly steak pizza, the famous cheese sticks and oh so wonderful breadsticks.

2. The Pourhouse Cafe

We all love Starbucks, but what’s unique to Bloomington is the array of cafes around the downtown area.  My favorite, Cafe Pourhouse has some of the best joe to offer, so it made my list.  My favorite menu item has to be the sugar cookie chai tea latte which isn't exactly coffee but it's definitely a great choice.  The seating is great and the environment is perfect for those of you who get your study on in a coffee shop!

3. The Book Corner

In my small town, we don’t have many book stores.  Being an avid fan of Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels I can truly appreciate a locally owned book shop.  The Book Corner is located on the square in downtown Bloomington and is usually my next stop after Cafe Pourhouse.  I sit down, sip my chai and begin to read all the incredible books I can't afford.

4. Student Recreational Sports Center (SRSC)

Sometimes in college it's hard to keep the motivation you once had to work out.  Due to the high stress levels and heavy work loads of college It's hard to make time for the gym.  To keep healthy you have to break that barrier down and get your sweat on and the SRSC is the perfect place for such activity.  From free weights, ellipticals, basketball courts and even an indoor track the SRSC provides students with all the necessary equipment for a healthy lifestyle.  Problem is, I don't have access to the facility during the summer so I make do with what I have around home, which isn't much.  Having such a facility an arms reach away is something we IU students shouldn't take for granted and you don't realize that until you're trying to do pull ups on monkey bars at a local park.

5. Tailgating/Football Games

One of the most nostalgic events here at Indiana University has to be Football Season.  The shouts of crazed Indiana fans combined with the smell of brats and burgers ignite my senses to a pinnacle of Hoosier spirit.  As you walk down 17th street I'm sure you'd get the same feeling seeing all the enthusiastic students around the tailgating area.  Tailgating is among the most popular activities here at IU so be sure to check it out!

About The Author
Drew Eldred

/blog/aeldredHey there!! My name is Drew Eldred, currently a Senior here at Indiana University.  My major is Journalism with a concentration in Informatics.  Upon graduation I hope to get a job writing for some type of entertainment magazine, drinking coffee in my jam packed cubical and typing away.  This will be my forth year living down in Bloomington, so I'm familiar with most of the hot spots.  I'm excited to be writing for WeAreIU so stay tuned for some interesting stuff!