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Adult Student Resources (ASR)
Unconventional paths…exceptional results!

ASR seeks to provide academic, financial, professional, and social support to nontraditional adult students on the IUB campus. A nontraditional adult student is loosely defined as any undergraduate who is 25 years of age or older.  They have often experienced a gap in their education since graduating from high school and may be parents, spouses, caregivers, full-time employees, serving in the military, and/or military veterans.

A variety of online resources are made available through ASR, including a community of IUB adult student peers on Facebook and Oncourse.  In-person professional development workshops and social events are held throughout each semester.  Visit ASR online at www.asr.iub.edu

This blog is a great opportunity for nontraditional adult students to share their unique story and inspire other adults to return to school and achieve their dreams. You can share your story here.