Who Else Wants Awesome IU Apartments?


So it has been quite an interesting summer, and I have spent a few days thinking about what I could contribute to we are IU to start off the year, and then it finally came to me! Apartments and the biggest benefits of staying with Indiana University in one of their apartments. So lets go with the top three positives... and starting out with the obvious one,


Having lived in Bloomington most of my life, being on campus means more than being close to all of the AMAZING academic supports IU has to offer. Not only are you close to academic resources, but the amazing environment of downtown Bloomington.You will be close to amazing events like Bloomington's Lotus Festival or the Pride Film Fest.

2. You don't have to move!

With IU apartment housing you have the option for twelve month contracts which means you can experience Bloomington in the summertime! As you may have seen in my earlier blog Bloomington in Summertime, Bloomington is one of the MOST beautiful places ^_^! I mean really do you want to miss that :-) Lunches in the arboretum are phenomenal. Speaking of lunch that brings me to the last extremely awesome benefit.....


I myself am a wanna-be chef who watches Food Network as a way to relax after a grueling academic challenge in the school of education. The full kitchen allows me to experiment with various recipes, and my favorite thing to do is bake. I have made my best cakes in these ovens. I can't help but think that they taste the best cause they come with a dash of school spirit :)

I hope these tips will get you to consider renting an Indiana University apartment in the future. I can say it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

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