Unknown Finals Tip "Calming Power Up"

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I hope everyone is surviving finals ok! Well our semester is coming down to an end and I would like to take the time to share a quick tip about final exams that I learned this semester. First off I would like to say that all of the tips for midterms stiil apply. Check out how you cand survie midterms like a pro

Ok so now you've checked those tips out here is a mew one for ya! This one came as quite a shock to me, but looking back in retrospect it should have been pretty obvious. I call this tip the claming power up.

The Calming Power Up:

So here is the dish on the calming power up. We all know that finals week can be a bit crazy and that tends to drive our own nerves and stress level that seems to be almost unbearable. Well by using the technqiue of the claming power up we can calm down those levels but then also get pumped up to show that exam or paper who is boos.

So here is the inside skinny and hopefully you will find this helpful for your college experience. As college culture seems to put pressure upon students by making these culmanating exams, projects, and or papers, a decent part of your grade it adds a lot of pressure and stress to the students. Well as students one of our goals is to do well, but also lower the stress level.

Find something that you enjoy that you could take five minutes out of each day in finals week and do, but here is the key you have to find a way for it either to be done while studying and or give you a major confidence boost. So for me personal this comes in the form if music, I find music to be very calming, some songs get me pumped up, and listening to it can be done while I am studying. Let Me share with you some examples:

Eye of the Tiger

Were Not Gonna Take It (Broadway Rock of Ages)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Rock of Ages Broadway)

Don't Stop Believing (Rock of Ages Broadway)

So these are some of my songs that I play while studying! Find your songs, or you activity and finals should be a little easier!

Aaron :-) 

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