The Joys of the Hoosier Nation Day 2

Wow so I didn't realize how fast days went by till I sat down to write to you all today. I think I almost didn't make it! Well today I want to take with you about another facet of the Hoosier Nation and that is your basic and general needs of living! Here at IU we have a department that handles all of that fun stuff called Residential Programs and Services or RPS for short. Let me tell you the people at RPS are AMAZING! As some may know if you have followed other posts of mine outside of this exciting journey we are taking together, I am a student with special needs because I use a wheelchair as my primary mode of getting from place to place.

RPS when I first applied for housing asked for documentation, and the manner in which the did was extremely professional and respectful! This made moving from home to the dorm a lot easier for me. I felt safe, and I also felt like my needs mattered to the university. My first living space was in Read Residence Hall, and it felt like home. Read has more of your music students and those who are in the performing arts, or at least while I was there. Now I am staying in an upperclassmen residence called Union Street Center. The view from my place is beautiful! At night it takes my breath away.

Housing at IU really makes you feel as if you have formed a second home, or truly your home away from home. My fondest memory was freshman year when my residence manger, the manger of my residence hall, Amber came by to check on me a few times throughout the year because it was clear to all involved I was completely stressed and not doing well at all. This made me feel more and home and welcome at IU. I could get started on the food but that's a whole other blog! Well I bid you all adue and I will see you again tomorrow.

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