The Joys of the Hoosier Nation

The wind blows through the leafless trees as I sit here in my apartment in Union Street Center and I am watching Julie and Julia, on the Sunday before the start of Spring Break. Inspired by the movie to issue myself a blogging challenge. To write a one blog a day about the joys of being an Indiana University Hoosier! So sit down and get ready to take this journey with me. The hopeful outcome of this blog is for me, a current IU student, to help you see the benefits of this amazing institution. However if you happen to be an alumni I hope that this blog sparks amazing memories about your time in these hallowed halls.

So what could I start this adventurous experience with, the wondrous academic choices? Or maybe the exciting social activities throughout the year, or the opportunities to get involved and make this university a better place. However I think that I will save all of those for later entries throughout this week, and today start with my personal story of how I chose Indiana University. This story begins almost three or four years as I, a bright eyes and hopeful high school senior entering Bloomington High School North for the adventure and rite of passage called senior year.

It was during this year I felt my adventurous stage come about. So I grabbed life by the reins and enrolled in my very first ever theater class. My teacher at the time Francesca Sobrer smiled as we entered into the black box class room for the first time. We made eye contact and in that moment I knew this year would be different. She maybe know or not, she changed my life and inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher which she inspired. During the later end of the year I began the excitement of the college selection process.

Searching the top schools of education, I stumbled upon while you guessed it. The home of the Hoosiers Indiana University. So I applied to this wonderful institution as well as a couple others, I received acceptance letters from them all! Excited and relieved I decided to schedule a “Red Carpet Day” which is unique to Indiana University. This is “Red Carpet Day” is what sealed the deal. I felt special, and to top it off the “Red Carpet Days” are personalized. I have a info session with Katie Paulin from the school of education at Indiana University. She gave me all of this wonderful information then my decision was made. I was to be a Hoosier!

Well that seems to wrap this entry, hopefully I have captured your interest and I will see you all tomorrow!

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