The Impossible is Possible

So it's the weekend before classes begin and 2014 Welcome Week is coming to an end. How was your orientation to the social culture of IU? You learned of all the wonderful cultures and offices at Indiana University, and you may have answered some questions on gay history and culture while waiting for your Rainbow from yours truly!

Did you know however there is a totally different area of IU social culture that there is to explore. Well if you didn't before you have to know now. This wonderful area is where I spend most of free time... any guesses?? THE THEATER!!! I am going to tell about a wonderful program that this university has done for 8 years. That is the Premier Musical as a part of the IFT, or Indiana Festival Theater, that happens during the summer.

This summer, believe me, it was one of the best. This summer IFT was home to Moses Man. This musical is an artistic representation of a real life holocaust survivor's story. Now I know what you thinking, "Holocaust the Musical." Nope it is nothing like that. It was done extremely respectfully, with reverence and respect. The chord progressions throughout the show did a wonderful job of portraying the internal terror by helping keep the show dark, but without being too dark.

This show had an AMAZING cast! Two of the standouts in my opinion were Nathan Robins and Kaitlyn Mayse. Robins and Mayse played the main couple Avi and Lia, who the show was written about. It was a wonderful workshop production, and as the book and score stands, in my opinion, will make the show a hit! As a future social studies educator, I want to see this show succeed because it does a wonderful job of creating a bridge so the younger generation can relate more to this horrible tragedy that occurred many years earlier.

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