Taste of Bloomington - Falafels

Why hello there,

I know it's been a little while since I blogged, but I had to tell you about this AMAZING restaurant that I found in Bloomington. I am actually kind of ashamed of myself for not knowing about this place sooner! If you enjoy authentic Mediterranean food, then you have to come on over to Falafels! While I was there the first time, I had their gyro entree. For dessert I had a ricotta creme puff with gelato on top. Sadly, no pictures exist of this fabulous dessert on my end, but Falafels post very enticing shots of their food on their Twitter account. As a student I can tell you that finances is something that I often worry about, but they are well priced for the quality and quantity that you receive.

I have a special perspective that has made me fall deeply in love with them. I use a power wheelchair as my means of transportation. Not only was the gentleman who waited on me super nice, but he was completely apologetic about the lack of inaccessibility due to the age of the building they are housed in. It truly made me feel welcome as a human being, and valued as a customer. That's an amazing business practice; those of you interested in Kelley will definitely want to take note! I would highly recommend this restaurant as somewhere you should visit during Orientation or even Welcome Week. Bloomington is known for its collection of ethnic restaurants, however it's in my humble opinion that this is the cream of the crop, the creme de la creme of restaurants.

One of the biggest things that I would say IU and especially Bloomington value, is the acceptance of diversity. It runs throughout most of the city. I haven't tested this, but I firmly believe that it's because there are places like Falafels. What's a better way to get to know your new roommate, or to take a break from choosing classes than eating an authentic Mediterranean meal? I will be returning for sure, that grilled asparagus is quite addictive!

Signing off for now. :-)

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