Surviving Midterms Like A Pro

Well its that time again dears MIDTERMS! So here are my tricks to surviving midterms.....

1. Be Conscious About Deadlines:

     You want to be extremely conscious of deadlines. In the case of an exam for a midterm it allows you to get a proper amount of studying and review in just before you take the exam. In terms of a midterm paper it will allow you to go through all the steps in the writing cycle. I know from writing a midterm paper this year that it is extremely important.I didn't allow for the revision part of the writing process, so my best foot forward was as clean or polished as it could be.

2. Office Hours:

     These are crucial! Professor are here to help you. I had a professor my freshman year that if we made the effort to go to office hours they made the effort to work with us personally, this was really helpful for me in remembering history dates. For others it could be understanding a mathematical formula, or group project advice. Professor are walking pools of information. Professor can be resources even after the IU chapter closes on your life

3. Energy 

     Energy is a crucial portion of midterms and finals week. There are a few ways that you can keep up on your energy. First off - sleep! Sleep well! Put those TV shows, football games, and video games on hold. Get to sleep early! Lastly it is important to eat regularly and healthier then you normally would. This will keep you at the peak energy for you!
So those are my tips for surviving midterms! Will you?
As Jigsaw would say "Live or die! Make your choice" Happy October!
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