Queen Streep to Drag Queens Bloomington has it All

Oh hi there, it's you again!

It brings me so much joy to see you back here for the second entry in my Julie and Julia retry. It's ironic that I am writing this at this time, because the famous Meryl Streep will be on campus this week. You may remember her from one of her many famous roles. Some of these include but are not limited to Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, and her remarkable performance as the loveable Julia Child in the movie Julie and Julia. Unsurprisingly Ms. Streep will be receiving an honorary degree from Indiana University while she is here for her visit. . Unfortunately this blogger does not have tickets for the presentation of the degree, so for those of you lucky enough to go please do enjoy. I know for me Ms. Streep has inspired me with her love and passion for her work to inspire others, thus I decided to become in education major with a concentration in theater. If she happens to be reading this I would just like to say that I hope Indiana is treating you well, and I hope that you know you make a difference in a lot of people's lives. Meryl Streep is a major factor in my decision for a theater concentration, in conjunction with a social studies concentration education degree. However I also have a love of performing, and watching performers. I would like to take a little moment of your time and talk about one of my favorite performance places in Bloomington, and it just happens to be a bar.

Bloomington is known for its diversity in the arts, the population, and the students at Indiana University. Weather sports bars are your thing, live music, or maybe just dancing, we have places for all. Bloomington's local gay bar is a wonderful place to see a variety of different performances. Categorized as a Gay bar The Backdoor caters to a wide variety of people. Although the primary population that patronizes this bar happens to identify in the LGBTQ community, it's a very warm and welcoming place for all. This space is also the performance space I was referring to earlier because there is a wide variety of different events to attend. All the way from drag shows and films and Berlesque, to rock, The Backdoor can fit any taste. I go for the drag queens and the dancing, because the DJs there are awesome! This is actually where I saw my first drag queen, and when not so ironically at the same night, drag show. Argenta Perón was her name and she knows how to perform! During that night of band of beauties was unleashed, and my heart was stolen. These amazing performers like Pat Yo Weave (Miss Gay Bloomington), Marissa Nicole, who has held about ever damn drag title there ever was! And many, MANY more over the course of my adventures at The Backdoor have solidified my passion for what I am doing, and in my times of need, provide me with so much joy! This is why I am so excited to see the Fabulous Argenta get a year more fabulous later this month at Twisted! Which reminds me, if I'm going to be out with these fabulously gorgeous women then I need to get some sleep. So I hope you all will join me tomorrow!

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