Protect, Serve, and Honor!

Hello Hoosiers, 

Not sure that many of you really knew what has happened but we have recently lost one of our own. Keith Cash was the Chief of Police at the IU Bloomington Police Department. Today was a celebration of his life, it was held in the IU Auditorium. Many students, and student organizations had brief interaction with Mr. Cash. Cash was a very integral part of the IU community and I know from the celebration today and from my own interactions with Mr. Cash he will be truly missed. Cash was a well-liked man not only among his colleagues but the students as well. I know during the event planning process Cash was easy to work with and such a breeze to talk to.

When I was a senior in high school and had to start choosing a college to go to I felt very strongly that safety was a big issue for me. Before I chose to come to IU I did look and see what security measures that were on campus. Knowing that IU had its own police force that took jurisdiction made me feel extremely safe. The police creed is to protect and serve. From hearing more about Cash it is very obvious to me that he took his Job very seriously. I can say I am most proud to be a Hoosier and proud of my school for the way that they honored him.

 Every single member of the IU community there today took great pride in Cash's life I only knew Cash for a very short amount of time but I feel I have been changed for good for my brief interaction with him. So I think at IU the police creed at least for today was SERVE, PROTECT, and HONOR. May we always honor the time Cash had with his Hoosier family, and may we honor the way he left this place which is better than it was when he got here.


In Honor of Keith Cash 

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