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Whats up We Are IU readers,

So today I am writing to you from the Neal Marshal Balck Culture Center! I just finished seeing the final production of the fall semester God of Carnage. An let me tell you it was AMAZING! I habe been so impressed by the shows this semester, but this one was the capstone show definately the semster and I would defintely go out on a lim and say for the year as well. Below is a little trailer....

This show was beyond out standing. If anyone is in the process of choosing a college and is also seriously thinking of going into any part of theater whether it be acting, directing, scenic design or something else I would reccomend seeing one of the departments shows for the year/semester.

God of Carnage is my favorite show thus far! It is because of the wonderful acting from all four actors on stage that I am willing to make this remark. However the set is a huge contributing factor as well. So kudos should be given to the fallowing folks:


Evelyn Gaynor (Veronique)
Clayton Gerrard (Michel)
Emily Harpe (Annette)
Grant Alexander Niezgodski (Alain)

Scenic Designer: Christopher Rhoton

For their fabulous acting performances and set design repectively. This being the final show of this semester speaks volumes of how Indiana University supports and runs an exccelent theater program. So to any of my readers out there, if you are going through the college selction process, come see an IU production, that is the best representation of how AMAZING IU theater is! 

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