Managing Personal Loss and Stress in College

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Today has been an extremely rough day for me. Today is my Aunt Marybeth's birthday. Typically these instances don't bother me but for some reason this year, this day, it bothered me. My aunt has been dead for at least two years so I should be fine according to the idea that "time heals all wounds." 
Well I can tell you that time does heal all wounds, sometime it takes more time then what you originally expected. However there is something that you need to know, you don't have to get over anything. The losses you feel through death provide you with a lot of strength...these songs show some of the ways that we can get strength from loss...
"For Good" from Wicked
"For Good" from the musical Wicked is a wonderful representation of the first type of strength that someone can draw from loss. The idea that the person that they once held dear is gone they are forever their with them. Another form of strength that is very similar to the one above, it is from the musical Rent.
"Seasons of Love" from Rent 
"Seasons of Love" from Rent exemplifies how we need to memorialize those we have lost. Not the days we had together, cups of coffee, or hours of daylight. They want us to memorialize the loved with the love that they shared with us. Remembering this love provides us with a different and very interesting kinda of strength 
Then there is that form of personal strength, this song is a very personal one for each person and I am sharing with you my own. This one is no way a particularly good one for the overall idea. This song is called "Some People" from the musical Gypsy....
"Some People" from Gypsy is my personal strength song for me because it reminds me of multiple people that have given me strength. This gives me strength also because those that this reminds me of what the people wanted me to make of my because of the loss of my aunt my heart beats stronger and the rest of those that I have lost strengthen the rest of me. 
At Indiana University there are centers here that help you with greif. CAPS is a great resource for all types of stress or grief. So if music doesn't help you like it does me, IU has you covered.
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