It's Been A Blast IU

So it’s that time of year again, leaving IU to go home for the summer. It’s sad to see it go but it’s something that has to be done. The college culture seems to truly have an effect on your body especially finals time. Those sleepless nights studying and filling out grad school applications or summer job applications. One thing to be sure of however, is that you always carry these memories with you. Whether it was performing at Dunkirk, ushering at the IU Auditorium, or those late nights studying in the library.

Whether you’re a senior headed off to grad school, or an excited freshman coming back in the fall, you have made your mark on Indiana University and you will never be forgotten. From the food courts to Showalter Fountain; this is your home.
As you look back on the year, are you proud of what you've done? One thing that IU has taught me is that following your dreams makes even the impossible possible. So to the seniors, as you join the alumni association of IU, remember, once a Hoosier always a Hoosier! Have a wonderful summer everyone!
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