Is IU for you?

This is probably the most important question that you will ask yourself during your senior year of high school, during orientation, moving from home to the dorm and even into welcome week after you have made your decision to attend Indiana University. So what is the best way for you to truly make the decision that is right for you? Well have no fear that's what this blog post is about!!

Options, options, options.

This was the biggest factor that I really looked at! Not only do we have tons of options when it comes to choosing classes, but we all have tons of options in other areas. My personal favorite is the options we have in regards to housing. I just got a summer job with the office of admissions because IU has become my home, and I have been welcomed into this family. IU not only has housing off campus that they own and rent out... they have on campus housing with longer contract options than your traditional dorms. Don't even get me started on the employees within their housing. Most are fantastic, I absolutely love the janitor here in my apartment building who helps keep our common areas clean. She has true concern and cares for all of the residents in the building, is extremely polite and always has a smile on her face. Somehow she knows exactly what to say to turn around a really bad day! I hope a number of you get to experience interacting with her as residents of third and union apartments.

As we all know college isn't cheap and RPS, or residential programs and services offers countless student jobs working in the dinning halls, as well as RPS tour guides. I just recently turned a volunteer/student group opportunity into a paid summer position, that will help me with the testing requirements for my major when I get closer to graduating. During the school year students have the option to join the office of Admissions "A-Team." This is something I would strongly recommend! They provide an even stronger sense of family, and it allows you to make connections not only within the student body, but also connects you with some of the admissions directors! While I have learned a number of things from my student colleagues the most important lessons I have learned have been from the admissions directors themselves! They have molded me into the advocate I am today for both the LGBTQIA communities, but also the disabled community.

In addition, the directors I have had the joy of interacting with have assisted me in maturing to a higher level of understanding which has not only helped in immediate situations, but will also better prepare me for the professional world post graduation. So from housing to jobs to internships, IU has you covered. Other options that you have, that I will address in future blogs are if you should study abroad or not, as well as what student organizations are good for you... fun fact IU has over 750 different clubs and organizations! In other words we have a large variety of options for you, the student, to choose from!

All look good in cream and crimson.

The student body of IU is an amazing being, with representation from nearly all 50 states and a wide variety of countries. IU has diversity covered. This is also very true in the staff and faculty of the university. One of my first education classes, for my degree in secondary education, was a class on technology in education. My instructor for this course was from China. It was an experience I will never forget, because she had so much to not only teach us about the technology in the classroom, but she also taught on the differences between experiences and the way the U.S. education system operated. This especially came out when discussing the tactics, progress, etc. of technology in education.

This is one of the very few classes where I truly felt like I learned not only the content, but I also learned a lot about myself which is something I find unique to Indiana University. I could go on and on, but diversity has many facets like a diamond, so take a look at these other blogs to help you answer the question is IU for you! "Hoosier Spirit" is a piece I wrote discussing the energy of IU and sports, then you have "Hoo - Hoo - Hoosier's Care." a piece that discusses the caring attitude of the entire Hoosier Nation, in particular those here on campus! Both of these pieces, along with the wonderful IU staff, are hard evidence of how all are welcome here at IU. Whether you're gay, straight, able bodied, or not, or are a combination of these things, you will be welcome on this campus. 

In summary, the options and the accepting environment are why IU was right for me. It's my hope that this will help future students in deciding if IU is the right place for them. 

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