Hoosiers Converge to the Homeland

   It's been a while but we are back! Welcome to the new Hoosiers! Hope you all took advantage of the different Welcome Week activites to get your oriented to Indiana Universty. I, as a junior always love that time because it allows you to have an "Orientation" of sorts to Indiana University. So for all who may be reading this considering Indiana University here is my top three activites that are a must due during this time.

Welcome Week Top 3 Dos: 

  1. Culture Fest
  2. IU Traditions and Spirt 
  3. Taste of the Union

Culture Fest: 

Culture fest is a time for you to explore the various clubs and groups here at IU. There is a ton of great free food, and activites. An the last two years I've been here at IU the IU Art Museum has had a really great after party! Below is a video of one of the performances in the IU Art Museum from this years after party.

IU Tradtions and Spirt:

So who doesn't like an old fasioned pep rally? Its an AMAZING way to get introduced to what many would say is the most used venue on campus! What can I say we Hoosiers like a great basketball game! It get's your heart pumping and excited to be here as a member of the Hoosier Nation! Below is one of my favorite connection to IU Basketball it is "This is  Indiana" By Byrce Fox and Daniale Webber

Lastly on the list is "Taste of the Union" and to be honest there is nothing that really can describe it at all it is quite an experience within its self that is absoluely not to be missed. All of these are great ways to get to know your new roommate and getting along with your new roommate would be my number one tip on how to be sucessful not only academicly but socially as well during your college experiences here at Indiana University

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