Hoosier Spirit

Today I write and reflect on one of the best parts of Indiana University, the Hoosier Spirit. Fellow WeAreIU blogger Nikki talks about her idea of hoosier spirit in  The Spirit of Hoosier Nation. One of my favorite things about hoosier spirit is the love of sports. As a self identified gay hoosier, sports aren't my thing, just as I mentioned in  From Child to Man. IU has opened up my eyes. I have been open to the idea of going to football, basketball, and any other sports. How did this change my mind you may ask? The answer is "pop up pep rally."

Above are a couple of shots I took from the pop up pep rally! These happen every so often thought the year and they have definitely, for me, become something that I look forward too. They bring quite a few people together and it is a true testament to the term "hoosier nation." Some of my favorite parts about these pep rallies are that they aren't mandatory to attend like ones back in high school. I know at least for me I hated being forced to sit through those when I was having a majorly bad day that day.

Secondly, the people running these rallies aren't completely in your face about their school spirit, or your lack of. They are nice friendly hoosiers that just love our sports teams. Don't get me wrong, sports are great, but they just aren't my thing. I get more excited about things like the upcoming production of Cloud 9Expect a full review to come. Well off to bed with this writer, I have a monolog to give in the morning.

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