Hoo – Hoo – Hoosiers Care

So choosing a college can be an interesting venture, choosing a degree program a hassle. Life is full of tough choices so what makes us choose the way we do. A lot of factors tend to feed into that. One of the reasons why I chose to come to IU were a multitude of reasons. You may be asking yourself why? Well as I am sure many of you have guessed from the types of entries I write that I am very involved in outreach and activism work for both the disabled community and the homosexual community.

So why the Hoosiers? Well Indiana University was named 9th out of 10 in gayest college campuses. So this for me was a key aspect of why I chose to come to Indiana University. During my first year at Indiana University I tended to keep to myself. So this year I discovered some of the awesome programs such as Indiana University’s “Culture of Care” this program is a way for students who wouldn't typically wouldn't get to expierence. So I would like to give you all a challenge, step out of your comfort zone and walk in someone else's shoes, or trade laces with them as the case maybe So join Indiana University in creating an inclusive college culture with the culture of care next week. Fallow them on facebook! Here is there website http://iusa.indiana.edu/culture-of-care/

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