Haunting the IU Auditorium

No, the IU Auditorium isn't actually haunted, or at least I am unaware of this. However it was haunted tonight October 10th by the astoundingly talented production of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. Tonight was the premiere stop on the national tour of the hauntingly fabulous collaboration of famous writer Steven King, and musicians Jon Mellencamp, & T- Bone Burnett. Honestly this is one of the best productions I have seen in a long time! The combination of stage show and rock concert that throws back to the old days of radio is a new and exciting way to see theater. The cast is so talented it is out of this world.

The story of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County follows Joe Mcandless as he brings his family back to their old cabin, out on Lake Belrieve. The site of a tragic accident not far from where a double suicide occurred forty years prior. All involving Joe's older brothers Andy and Jack, while returning to the cabin awakes something inside. Joe is riddle with something that he needs to tell his family, and through this circumstance you are taken through a journey on the edge of your seat.

Sad that you missed it while don't fret. The haunting is not fully over. The tour will cast its ghostly shadow on the IU Auditorium once more. I stress to you that it is imperative you see this musical. It will be back here October 23rd. Get your tickets here. Below are a few pictures with the current touring cast.

A picture with the equally beautiful and talented Emily Skinner.
Fun fact about Emily Skinner she is a Tony nominee for her work in sideshow read more here

The AMAZING male leads both are living and dead brothers as well as
Bruce Greenwood who plays father Joe Mcandless.

You may also remember Bruce as Captain Pike from Star Trek movies. All of these men are fabulous performers in their own right. Read up on all the cast here on the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County Website

Last and certainly not least we have me with (Dan Coker, Anne, and Jenna) in that order.

Read about them above on the Ghost Brothers website, and then maybe just maybe you will fully realize how talented this cast is. Which is the cherry on top of this hauntingly good musical. See when they return for one night on October 23rd, if you don't I can guarantee you it will haunt you into the afterlife....

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