Don't Be BLUE MAN!

This past Sunday I went out with a few friends to the Blue Man Group at Indiana University Auditorium. Every year the schedule for  the IU Auditorium has something for everyone! Want to check it out click here! The event was a trip for sure, and I would honestly recommend that during your four years at IU, I would implore you to experience the IU Auditorium, well outside of orientation. 

Blue Man Review 

The Blue Man Group in one word FANTASTIC! Their wordless storytelling not only captivates but entertains. The use of paint, and most importantly audience participation leads to a very energetic experience. The whimsy and color of the show make this a great experience for families and the music will get you to "put juice in your caboose" and want to get up and dance. It was a show not to be missed, will gain dancing "digi people" and colorful bouncing balls out in the audience this is a once and a life time experience.

The Joys of Theater 

The IU Auditorium experience is quintessential to the "Hoosier Bucket list"  from the smiles at the front door to the delicious cookies in the concession stand. There are quite a few things that are so special about our auditorium! One of my favorite parts of the auditorium is the 4,543 pipe, pipe organ. A tradition of the IU auditorium since I have arrived here three years ago now, a silent movie with the world renowned Denis James playing this magical instrument. During season shows you even get a more refined experience then compared to Welcome Week and Culture Fest.

Not only do we have a wonderful professional type of venue but our student theater here is fantastic as well. I am extremely excited for Chicago this season with the Indiana University Department of Theater and Drama and Contemporary Dance. Interested in their season click here. Some of the past shows that they have done have been, Cabaret, Midsummer Nights Dream, and my personal favorite Sunday in the Park with George. 

What I Wish I Knew

Coming in as a freshmen I wish I truly understood how deep the IU Auditorium discount for students are. Secondly I would have wanted to know that you have the opportunity to volunteer and see shows free of charge. Lastly the outreach and education opportunities that the IU Auditorium does. Just last year IU Auditorium offered a talk back with the cast of American Idiot the Musical. So wrapping this all up let me just say "see you at the theater"

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