Auditorium Suprise

Hello Everyone,

So this first post is talking about some of the surprises of college life. More specifically things that can happen during your career here at IU. Some examples are the little five races, various concerts, plays, and guest speakers. We can't forget that a key part of college is academics, but it is rather cool to get these special experiences.

The most special part of my college life came in February of this year. I had purchased tickets to see Berndette Peters at the IU Auditorium. The fact that IU was even holding such a wonderful performerance is such a special thing.

So I was leaving the auditorium headed, back to my dorm. I walked past the stage door and as I was on my way out  and Bernadette came out at the same time. Of course there were the other hard core fans that follow her every wherever she goes. I was able to meet her! 

So the fact that I could have gotten the chance to meet Bernadette on the IU campus is what makes college life here at IU so special. Living here on the campus, we have all these opportunities that can just pop up and that means so much. So my advice to any prospective or current students is to go out there and enjoy what IU has to offer.

Have a wonderful break!

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