American Idiot Perfroming at IU like a boss!

Well IU September Was Punk Rocked Into History!

Hello Hooisers, 

Did you happen to experience the AMAZING experience that was Green Day's American Idiot. For those of you in the theater department your college culture and the drive to your degree program was increased from the experience of seeing American Idiot and the talk back on September 4th. The cast did answer amazing questions about the touring and casting process for a tour. They are the youngest cast of American Idiot yet and I do have to say one of the nicest.

If you missed it while they were here locally you definately missed out! The show is an amazing emotional rollercoaster rides set to some of the most amazing punk rock music. American Idiot tells the story of three friends dealing with various issues in life. I do have to say one of the best parts of this production is the cast. From the "named" characters to the ensemble everybody was fantastic. There is no shortage of favorite moments. I do have to say and make clear this is not them portraying a show THIS IS THEIR SHOW. Every night the show was a little different because they put some of their own experiences into their "named characters" or the ensemble roles. I have now and will forever be an idiot head. Connecting with their personal stories on stage. So Hoosiers, don't be idiots and miss this wonderful show as the come back to Indiana in Indy. April 2-7! Will I see you there? #Rage&Love


The Brand New Idiot Head Look!

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