A Simple Guide to Indiana University Freshman Year Welcome Week

Hello Incoming Hoosiers,

WOW, can you believe it! You are almost on campus, on your own, and ready to face the world. Well  it all seems so fresh and exciting now I bet. Thousands of possibilites in your future. Tons of degree programs, the option to study abroad, and a few years down the road internships. While the door on your highschool career is closing many new ones are opening infront of you in these upcomming days. So I'd like to provide you with a few nuggets of wisdom as you start your cream and crimson life. 

First off try not to let your nerves get in the way of putting yourself out there. There are folks out there who maybe a classmate, instructors assitant, or even a graduate student professor. Though they maybe only a life long friend, you never know what possibilites are there unless you try. With the way housing applications are filled out you are 90% likely to live on a floor with people that share similar interest to your own. Arts, histroy, travel? you name it there is a learning community out there for it. So don't be afriad to get to know your floor, RA, or even participate in the events put on to bring your ENTIRE dorm together. Make IU as large or small as you like. The friends you make  at Indiana University can help you discover pieces of you.

 The thungs could be, your desired career path for those who come in undeicded. Never close yourself oof too the possiblies. 

Secondly I would urge you to take advantage of all the things Indiana University has to offer. We as hooisers are blessed to attend such a diverse university. Not only are we diverse racially. We are very diverse in many areas. Two of the ones I have encountered are relgion, and on a more personal note sexual orentation. If you have read any of my other posts, IU is the place where I felt comfortable enough to come out as a gay man, who uses a wheelchair. That is one rare combo, and IU has it! Talk about diverse.

Lastly I would strongly advise that you take part in the pagentry and fanfare of the anual events such as the freshman induction ceremony.  It may seem silly, but it is the way to truly feel like your becoming a hooiser, being welcomed into this huge family by the president. Who knows you might recognize some of the hoosier family in your own blood line.


Over to the left is a picture of me and my mother after my highschool graduation. It had been years since my mother had gotten her college degree and of course I forgot where she went to college. Well I'll give you one guess.....



Yep! Thats right folks she is an Indiana University Alumni. 

I was not reminded of this until I attended my freshman induction ceremony last year. With tears in her eyes she looked at me and said, "enjoy this son, it is a very special moment." Confused I sat back and enjoyed a picture similar to the one below.....

 This ceremony seemed like it was just something to enjoy, but it was honestly one of the best experiences of my freshman year welcome week. The other being Culture Fest, look for that in a future blog. As President McRobbie was finishing up his speech my mother turned to me and whispered, "I am so proud and honored to share this with you." confused I whispered back, "what do you mean?" she explained. That my friends and fellow hooisers put things in a whole other perspective for me. To know that this large family of IU had some of my own family already inducted, was truly breath taking. Also McRobbie is quite the speaker, I have heard many speeches in my life thus far and as I am studying to become a teacher I will her many more. His however was one of very few great speechs. It was warm, inspirational, motivational and welcoming. It is a wonderful way to start off your IU career. I look forwad to seeing many of you on campus in a few days! GO HOOSIERS

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