9 Tips to Stay Warm this Winter

The season of winter is finally here and as a college student waking or biking everywhere its imperative to stay warm. For some out of state students, this may even be your first winter. Even though you can't spend all day cuddled in bed and covered with blankets you can still feel extra cozy in class The following tips will help you to stay warm.

1) Layer your clothing:

Cuddle duds offer a lightweight fabric that is perfect for leggings and jeans. They offer some long sleeve shirt options as well which will feel perfect layered under your favorite top.

2) Sweaters:

A sweater feels like a good hug especially one that is made with the right fabric. 

3) Coat:

Your coat is an armor of protection to the dropping temperatures so choose wisely. 

4) Handwarmers:

Gloves are always nice but sometimes your hands will still feel cold, you can fight this by getting some awesome hand warmers

5) Accessorize:

Who knew cute leg warmers, hats, and ear muffs could have a double purpose.

6) Leggings:

Leggings now come in so many different options even velvet. Try them out my personal favorite would be fleece leggings that feel like a pair of pajama pants.

7) Scarves:

Scarves are trendy and can be the finishing touch to any outfit, but they keep your neck warm as well!

8) Boots:

Make sure to get boots that are walkable. I suggest getting a waterproof pair as well so that they can bear the snow.

9) Socks

Long socks, fluffy socks, or thermal socks can all make a major difference in the warmth of your body so choose wisely.

Keep all these tips in mind to stay warm while walking class to class and enjoy the beginning of your second semester at IU.

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