5 Tips for Midterm Studying

Midterms are coming up, but there is no need to freak out. By following these 5 steps you will be sure to ace your exams. 

Stay Caught Up With Homework

Staying caught up on your reading is the first way that you can ensure you will do well on your midterm. More importantly when you read try and use strategies like highlighting and underlining so that you can come back to vocabulary and key concepts easier.    

Go to Office Hours

Going to office hours is a great way to learn material. Your professor is the best person to help clear up any confusion that you might have on the class material. Even though it might seem intimidating at times using this resource is one of the best ways to do well on midterms. 

Develop a Study Plan

Nothing is worse than studying without a plan. If you don't have a plan going into studying you could end up doing something completely random like looking at Jimmy Neutron memes. Instead of just sitting down and figuring out what you need to do set a schedule of what you'll study on which days.  Having a study plan will help you become more efficient at studying. Allowing you to do better on tests.  

Use Your Resources

Using your resources is a great way to do well on midterms. I've already mentioned going to office hours, but there are many more resources available to you. Many professors post their lecture slides online as well as additional resources for you. Taking notes in class can be another good study resource for you that way you can look back on them later to remember what your professor said during class. Another great resource for you to use is the internet. While we mainly use the internet for social media and funny videos it can also be used to help you study. 

Be Physically Prepared

A way to prepare for your midterms that isn't normally thought of is to be physically ready. These are all of the things that your mom would tell you as a kid. Go to sleep at a good time, and not at 4 in the morning. Another is eating a good breakfast so that you are well nourished for your exams.

Following these steps will allow you to do well on your midterms. Good Luck!

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