4 Steps To Live Safely On Campus


Safety should always be your first priority, especially when you are living on a campus that is huge. Here are some safety measure you can take to ensure your safety:




Lock Your Room


This is the most important one because the first step always starts with you. Remember to lock your room at all times, whether you’re in there or not. By locking your room, you not only ensure your safety but the safety of your belongings too!


Do Not Stay Out Really Late


I know, its college mom and dad aren’t here! But it’s not really safe to walk around campus at 3 am. Even if you do for some reason, always make sure you inform someone like your roommate or your friends.

The best thing about IU is the security system. If you are walking alone or with a friend on campus and you feel unsafe, there are “Emergency Poles” with a blue light on top. You can go to the closest one and push the button on it. Within two minutes, an officer will assist you to wherever you need to go.

Do Not Go Home With Somebody You Don't Know


This is always a major concern. You maybe studying out late or partying and your dorm is a long walk away. Do not go home with a person you just met. It’s a major threat to your security.


Carry something that may help you


Whether you’re a girl or a guy, it is always safe to carry a whistle or pepper spray with you and keep it you pockets or somewhere easily accessible to you. If someone tries to do something to you, you may grab the attention of someone that may help you.



IU has one of the best security and safety helplines. If you ever feel unsafe, there will always be someone to assist. Being safe is not an option, it’s your first priority.


Let us know in the comments if you have anymore suggestions to keep your fellow Hoosiers safe!



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