Outdoor and Recreational Fun in Bloomington

Bloomington has a lot to explore. Whether it is the restaurant scene, the bars, shops, or even the IU campus, one of the best things about Bloomington is how beautiful it can be here. There are many places to explore outdoors or have some fun, even in the winter months. I don't fully recommend going on a winter hike because that would be freezing, but once spring comes around, that is a great way to spend the day.

Griffy Lake & Hoosier National Forest

As for hiking, there are a few neat places to hike in Bloomington and just get outside. The first place is Griffy Lake. It is not just a lake that you can kayak in or relax by in the spring and summer, but a great place to hike around. There are trails surrounding the lake that you can explore and get some exercise. Hoosier National Forest is another hiking spot if you enjoy hiking. It is a bit further outside of Bloomington, but not a terribly long drive. There are trails you can hike and even make a day of if you want!


Lake Monroe

Lake Monroe is another outdoor area to spend time during the summer and spring months of the school year. You can hang out on the beach area or even go just to watch the sunrise or sunset. It makes for a beautiful photo. It is also common to see student groups and other people boating, so that is another option when it comes to Lake Monroe.

Beyond outdoor activities, there is always ice skating to make the winter months more fun. I know I can get bored during the winter and ice skating is a fun, classic winter activity. If you want to get a group of friends together, ice skating is a fun way to get out during the winter. For ice skating in Bloomington, you should head to the Frank Southern Ice Arena, but make sure you check the schedule for when public skate is available!

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