Tips for Late Night Studying

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Back in high school, I barely remember the nights when I would see my clock jumping to 1 a.m. One new experience that college has brought to me is definitely late night studying. When I say “late” here, I am talking about studying until 3 or 4, sometimes even 6 in the morning. After making the library my second home, here are some tips I have found for efficient and comfortable late night studying.

  1. Find the Right Location

When I study in my room, I often would end up spending hours on texting my friends, watching TV shows, or just falling asleep. When I study in public areas, I feel like people around me would judge me if I don’t spend my time wisely. West Tower of Wells Library is open 24 hours and I enjoy coming here because seeing other students working hard also motivates me to focus and get my work done more efficiently. Choosing a good location for your late night studying would definitely help you stay away from distractions.

Studying location on IU campus

  1. Do Some Planning

Planning and writing down what and how you are going to study is very important before you start settling into the chair and getting ready to pull out your research paper. It will help prevent you from wasting time on trying to figure out what to do next!

a students planner

  1. Bring a Good Water Bottle

I don’t really need to pull out a scientific article right here because everyone knows the importance of being hydrated. Keeping a water bottle on your desk will remind you to drink water while you are pounding your head trying to come up with a new idea for your next blog entry.

  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

I enjoy putting on T-shirts and sweatpants when I decide to stay up late to study, because I don’t want to feel my jeans restricting my stomach from “breathing” freely when I am solving some intense math problems. If you wear contacts, don’t forget to take them out before you go; trust me, I know how uncomfortable it gets when you have contacts in your very dry eyes (by the way, keeping some eye drops in your backpack probably isn’t a bad idea).

  1. Pack Nutritious Snacks

You might get hungry after hours of studying, especially when you see others getting pizza deliveries. I like bringing some bananas, yogurt, and protein bars with me because they usually won’t make me feel super full (because a full stomach often makes me sleepy), but still satisfy my hunger and give me the energy to keep on going.

  1. Pack “Defense Spray,” Just In Case

If you choose to study at the library till very late, it might get a little scary for you to go home afterwards. Always keep someone updated of where you are. When you get done with your studies, try to go home with other people if you are walking. Calling a safety escort is also a good way of getting yourself back home safely after your late night studying.

Ricky Liu
Ricky Liu

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Hello friends, it's Ricky here. I am an international student from China, studying Human Resources Management with Psychology and Business minors. I am a huge American football fan (a loyal Tennessee Titan's fan). Basketball games are always fun to go to at IU and I won't miss out a good restaurant here in town. Catch me on Facebook and Instagram (@hwrickyleo).

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