Thesis Writing: 10 Snapchat pictures that become your life

Since my plan after graduating (May 2016 is pretty soon, yet so far, far away…) is going to grad school for History, I’m currently writing a 60-page thesis. Although it sounded like a great idea and it is very rewarding, it totally dominates your life. Here are ten ways in which it does, through my favorite app, Snapchat.

  1. You feel guilty for doing anything but working on the thesis

  1. You start getting some pretty creative health problems

Working so much you get a “muscular jaw problem” (what does that even mean?!). Oh, okay. That’s normal, right?

  1. Your faculty adviser makes you do a 7-page bibliography and tells you that “it’s a good start”

“You’ll have to read at least all of this”. Oh great. No more friends, TV or video games. Or life, really.

  1. You suddenly get excited about getting new and colorful supplies to help you work

“Whaaat, these rainbow colored things are only 10 bucks?! TOTALLY worth it, let’s get a hundred!”

  1. When your friends ask you a question, the answer is always “thesis”

“What are you doing lately?” Thesis. “How are you doing?” Y’know, writing my thesis. “What did you do last weekend?” Same answer. “Halloween?” Also same answer.

  1. You’ve read your work so many times you cannot possibly proofread it

It’s impossible. It could say anything, like “History is and then yes”. Regardless, every time you read it you’ll read that cleverly phrased sentence you thought of the last time you edited it. No, glasses do not help.

  1. You know so much about the subject area that it seems absurd that others are not deeply knowledgeable about super specific things

“What do you mean you didn’t know that Druze women were photographed wearing tanturs by French photographers in the latter half of the 19th century..?” So hard to have a conversation with people these days.

  1. Your friends want to ban the word “thesis”

But what else am I supposed to talk about?! And no, I can’t come to your party.

  1. You will hate your subject passionately for at least 6 months after you complete it

“Can you tell us about the sample essay you submitted?” No, it’s terrible and I hate it and I never wanna think about it ever again.

  1. You know that after you’re done, you’re gonna have the best gap year ever

And then do more research. Because it’s kinda fun. And interesting. And rewarding.

Idun Hauge

International Student Ambassador

International Student Ambassador from Norway majoring in History, with minors in Political Science, Arabic and International Studies.