Tackling the Last 8 Weeks

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The eighth week of classes has commenced, and that means we are already halfway through the spring semester. It is a rough, but quick last eight weeks as students prepare to go on Spring Break, move back home, and or graduate. It seems nearly impossible that only a few short months ago the fall semester was beginning, and students were being welcomed back to Bloomington. Bloomington in the summer without the tens of thousands of students is an odd experience for sure.

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As a senior, I am preparing for graduation and figuring out where my future will take me. Possibly back home to Indianapolis, possibly Cincinnati, or possibly wherever I find myself. The last eight weeks are going to be surreal as my friends and I try to tackle our classes and our last moments as undergraduates. A few in the friend group have already been accepted to graduate programs or have jobs lined up. A few are worried about graduating and what that means for them, and a few are just preparing to take a gap year and travel as much as possible. However, we have already went through a couple “last 8 weeks” and want to share the best tips for surviving classes and some of the best few weeks of Bloomington.

1) Study or do homework outside

Why wouldn’t you want to spend time basking in the glory of the sun and the warmer weather after a cold winter has come to a rainy end? You can do your homework, study, and get out of the winter blues. Student first, outdoor lover second.

2) Make time to enjoy the weather

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A good way for self-care is to go hiking or spend time outside. Not every waking moment has to be spent doing homework, working, or indoors. If you like the springtime and warmer weather, this is the perfect time to work on that sense of adventure.

3) Accomplish a few things on the IU Bucket List 

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Little 500 is coming soon and you can buy tickets at IUSF. It is known as the “greatest college weekend in America” for a reason. You can go to restaurants on and off Kirkwood, go to the observatory or even check off easier ones like a picture with friends in front of Sample Gates.

4) Figure out summer plans

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You’re probably planning a job, an internship, or classes? Maybe you’re moving across the country and getting prepared for a new life post-graduation? Maybe you’re just traveling for the next month and seeing where life takes you? There is no set thing that has to be done. Take it as it comes.

5) Final Preparation

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Can’t forget about finals! Finals week will be upon us soon and that means you still have to do homework. Create a schedule or little plan to study just a bit everyday or every other day so that you aren’t cramming for an exam when you could be doing something more fun! However, all seniors have to pass exams in order to graduate so they are still important.

6) Friend Time

Just because you’re busy doing so many things as the school year comes to an end does not mean there is no time for friends. I have had lunch/dinner with multiple friends for the past few nights and we’re working on finding more time for each other. For us, graduation is it and we are all moving our separate ways. It doesn’t mean we can’t visit Bloomington again or catch back up through social media and occasional visits, but it means we’re no longer students who live only a few minutes apart. Now is the time to enjoy college life and the friendships you have made this year and in the previous years.


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Bailey Tingley
Bailey Tingley

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Hey guys! I'm a senior Psychology student with an undeniable passion for life. It's rare to find me completely out of sorts and feeling down on myself. I am a lover of adventure, the medical field, German soccer, and Cutters football. When I'm not completely immersed in sports, school, work, internships and volunteering, you'll catch me laughing at ridiculous jokes, making a blog post for We Are IU or attempting to sleep.

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