So what exactly is I-Core?

If you’re a student at Indiana University, you have undoubtedly heard someone talk about I-Core. Short for integrative core, I-Core is a world-renown program that many top business schools have tried to mimic, but have not succeeded in doing so.Having just finished I-Core myself, and regardless of your major, there is no great way of explaining it. The easiest way to split things up is by talking about the classes and the case. The classes are definitely not the most challenging courses that a student will take at IU, but that isn’t to say they aren’t difficult! The case, on the other hand, was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. Being in a room with the same 5 people (usually complete strangers) all day, every day is extremely stressful. But in the end, the outcome is something that every student who experiences I-Core should be proud of!

I’ve broken it down according to the numbers that I experienced over the course of I-Core!

By the Numbers:

The classes: 

12 weeks (in the summer), 16 (in the fall)

4 Classes: Marketing, Strategy, Operations, and Finance

1,321 pages of reading

28 homework assignments

8 exams

The case:

10 days

190 hours worked

255 total pages printed

5 teammates

1 case

Students holding shirts that say "I-Core Survivor"

I-Core case studies


Greg Watson

Finance and Marketing Major, Class of 2014

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