How to Use the Library

When you think about the library, what is your first thought? For me, the library is not only a place for studying, print, and group meeting. It is the best source for your academics if you use it wisely. Indiana University Bloomington has about 13 libraries on campus, such as the most famous Herman B. Wells library on 10th Street.

In here, you can find some private rooms for group meetings. During the midterm and final weeks, it will be helpful if you reserved in advance.The library has two towers. You can find staff, who can help you to find the academic resources both online and on site. Beyond the academic purpose, a new dining venue opened on Jan 11th, 2016 on the ground level. Since the library is in the central part of the campus, the dining venue is smart choice to save your time on your way to class. Here’s the main website of libraries, where you can find location, floor plan, hours, and contact information.

As an international student, who has a minor in art history. Library resources such as JSTOR is extremely helpful to my research paper.

IU Libraries

As you can see under the Research Resources bar, you can find your academic resources by the subject. Once you click the subject, you will go to a website with different sources. Some sources require you to sign in or sign up from IU’s website by using an IU’s account. Next time, when you instructor assigns you a homework, which you need to do the research, Google may not become the first choice. Most instructors require academic resources and journals instead of some random websites.

However, most people who use the website, the resources, and the library on campus may get lost. Asking a librarian is easy. During the normal hours, you can talk to a librarian online through the instant message on the left side. On the right side, you can call or text a librarian.Moreover, scheduling an appointment with a Research Assistant is what I use for the most important research paper. Especially for the international students, who does not have a lot of experience of using libraries, using librarian and research assistants sooner than later helps you to achieve your academic excellence.

The library is not only a building but also a brain, which supports your needs.

Luyuan Li
Luyuan(Ruby) Li

Class of 2016

I'm a senior studying Journalism at Indiana University Bloomington. My minor and second concentration is Art History. I am originally come from Shenzhen, China, and came to America for high school when I was 17. I lived in St. Louis for four years and decided to transfer from Saint Louis University to IU as an International Transfer Student. I am a member of Internation Student Ambassadors.

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