Get Your Passport at IU’s Passport Acceptance Facility

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So you want to study abroad? How exciting! Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gives you a new perspective on life. Travel the countries of Europe on your free weekends! Be a global citizen as you do social work in the Dominican Republic. Learn authentic French as you take classes à Paris. IU has already built so many connections with these places, so take advantage of it!

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But wait! You can’t just hop on a plane and be on your way! You have to go through that tedious process of getting a passport.

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I know what you’re thinking. This means you have to take a trip to the infamous license branch, grab a ticket, and sit in those uncomfortable chairs for what seems like hours. It’s a slow process.

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Lucky for you, IU’s Office of International Services has your back! Skip the license branch and get all of your passport needs fulfilled right on campus (Poplars, Room 221)! The best part: You make an appointment that is convenient for you and the process takes 30 minutes or less!

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So, you probably want to know the steps to this, right?

It’s quite simple:

  1. Fill out your form

The first thing to do is to fill out your application form. If this is your first U.S. passport, then you’ll be filling out the DS-11 form. The office recommends you fill out this part before your appointment. Tip: Only fill out the orange part of the form! Leave the white part for the office to fill out.

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  1. Grab your supporting documents

Show them that you are who you say you are. A Driver’s Licence and your birth certificate will typically suffice, although there are other accepted documents you can use. Refer to the “Proof Of Identity” section of the DS-11 to see the updated list. Don’t pull a McLovin. 

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  1. Get your photo taken

This is by far a better experience than going to a licence branch. The office will take a couple photos of you. You get to decide which picture goes on your passport!  Don’t regret the photo on your passport for the next ten years like this guy:

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Instead, feel confident the next time you show off your passport at the airport!

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  1. Calculate your fees

You’ll be paying two different fees when applying for a passport:

  • An acceptance fee that is payable by credit card or through your Bursar account. You can also make a check out to Indiana University. If you require a new passport photo, an additional fee will be added.
  • An application fee that is payable only by check or money order to the U.S. Department of State

Depending on your situation, fees may vary. You can find more info on cost and payment here.

  1. Submit, and you’re done!

Once everything is filled out and you paid your fees, you will take an oath agreeing that everything you filled out on your forms and documents are truthful (should be easy right?). The office will organize your information and will send it off to the right people for processing. And just like that, you’re finished!

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You’ll receive instructions on how to track your passport order and where it is at in the ordering process. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment,  check out the Passport Facility Webpage. If you can’t find the answer to your question on the webpage, contact the Office of International Services.

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