Favorite Study Spots: Different Vibes for Different Times

Indiana University is a beautiful, large campus and with its size comes many benefits. Although a large campus in the Midwest means more walking in various types of weather, I’ve learned to explore the beauty that Indiana University has to offer. Look at it this way, a larger campus means there are more places to study. As a second semester freshman from Colorado, I’ve found a few favorite places to study. However, I constantly keep discovering more hidden study spots. Each location has a perfect vibe for a different circumstance.

  1. Herman B. Wells Library

Herman B. Wells Library

Everyone on campus is aware of Wells Library. This study spot is so popular that it has its own designated bus stop. This library is no ordinary library though. It has an East and a West Tower, which have numerous floors full of diverse study environments. This is perfect for me because I am the type of person who cannot stay sitting and studying in the same place for a long time. Also, where I study depends on the material I am learning, the mood I am in and the deadline I have to complete my work.

West Tower has a more modern vibe and it has several floors. The first floor has an assortment of furniture consisting of couches, small tables, round tables, study rooms and computer desks. The first floor and fourth floor are great places to go for group work. However, my favorite place in West Tower is the third floor because it is a designated quiet area. There are booths, tables and a few study rooms on this floor. I go here when I am studying for finals or really need to get down to business. The motivation and concentration of students on this floor is contagious.

East Tower has more of a homey vibe and it is often referred to as “The Stacks.” I recently discovered the sixth floor, which is the ideal place to go when you need to be isolated and “in the zone.”  When you need to rid yourself from distraction, go to the “The Stacks.”  However, if you need to pull an all-nighter, you will have to relocate to the West Tower because the East Tower closes at midnight.

  1. The Memorial Union

The Memorial Union

The IMU is located generally in the center of campus and it is the perfect place to go between classes. Not only does the Union have good food selection ranging from Starbucks to Baja Fresh, but it also has good study spot variation.

The South Lounge is my favorite place to study because it is like a large family room. It has tables, couches and a fireplace as well as phone chargers in case you forget yours in your dorm or at home. Unfortunately, the South Lounge is a popular place for many and you cannot always find a place to sit but when you do, it’s the perfect, calm environment to work in or to take a nap in.

There are many other random study spots dispersed throughout the Union that will fit whatever mood or study zone you are in. This is the heart of campus; it is the place where many students like to be.

  1. Life Sciences Library

Life Sciences Library

I recently discovered that Jordan Hall has the Life Sciences Library. It is very bright and spacious in this library and it is has the perfect atmosphere when studying for a biology test. Seeing the other science-driven students here will definitely provide you with the motivation to get ahead and stay on task.

  1. Outside and Beyond

All in all, this big campus is not only full of opportunities, but it is full of diverse places to study. Whether I am on different floors in the Herman B. Wells Library, the Memorial Union, or in Jordan Hall’s Life Science Library, I am always able to find the perfect study atmosphere for whatever mood or circumstance I am in. When the weather is nice, I even go outside and sit by the “Jordan River” or by the Showalter Fountain to study.  And if none of these places suffice, another Starbucks and one of my favorite places to go to, Pourhouse Café, reside right outside the Sample Gates. There will always be different vibes for different times and I can’t wait to discover more hidden places to study.

Lauren Edwards
Lauren Edwards

Student Blogger

I am currently a sophomore from a small school in Colorado who came to Indiana University to receive the full college experience. I am majoring in Psychology and double-minoring in Counseling and Law and Public Policy. So far I’ve enjoyed learning more about the fields of Psychology and Law, going to sporting and arts events, and getting involved. I love being a campus tour guide through the Office of Admissions, the Marketing Chair for Psi Chi (The International Honor Society for Psychology), a Psychology Teaching Assistant, and a member in Greek life. I did not come to Indiana University just to receive a great education, but I came here for the Big10 culture, the beautiful campus, and the Hoosier traditions. I am lucky enough to say that I found home here at at Indiana University Bloomington.

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