Earn a Certificate from IT Training

IT Training Certificate Series

Earning a certificate from IT Training is a great way to enhance your skills in areas like Microsoft Office, web development, and creating graphics.  You’ll take a series of related IT Training workshops designed to build your skills in applications or topics in a comprehensive way! After you’ve attended all of the workshops in a series (within a one-year period), you’ll earn your certificate.

We offer certificates in six different areas, so you’re bound to find something to meet your needs.

Office 2013 Productivity (6 workshops)

We’ll introduce you to a variety of Microsoft Office applications and demonstrate ways make them work together. You’ll learn the basic skills for day-to-day office activities from creating a spreadsheet in Excel to creating a PowerPoint presentation. The required workshops are:

  1. Outlook 2013: Calendar Essentials
    2. Outlook 2013: Managing Your Email
    3. Word 2013: The Essentials
    4. PowerPoint 2013: The Basics
    5. Excel 2013: The Basics
    6. Access 2013: The Basics

Access 2013 End-User (6 Workshops)

New Access users should sign up for this series.  It introduces the most important features you need to know to work with Access databases. You’ll take these workshops:

  1. Access 2013: The Basics
    2. Access 2013: Database Relationships
    3. Access 2013: Queries
    4. Access 2013: Forms
    5. Access 2013: Reports
    6. Access 2013: Project Lab

Excel 2013 End-User (4 Workshops)

In this series, you’ll learn some of the most commonly used features in Excel and build upon that foundation as you as you extend your charting and data tracking and analysis skills.

  1. Excel 2013: The Basics
    2. Excel 2013: Charts & Graphics
    3. Excel 2013: Data Management
    4. Excel 2013: Basic Automation Using Macros

Excel 2013 Advanced End-User (4 Workshops)

In this series, you’ll take your data analysis capabilities to the next level. You will learn how to use pivot tables, look up related data from other worksheets, use conditional logic to summarize, count, or format specific data, and use the data table, Goal Seek, and Solver tools to solve complex data analysis problems. You’ll also learn how to create sophisticated macros to automate your work.

  1. Excel 2013: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables
    2. Excel 2013: Using VLOOKUP & Conditional Functions
    3. Excel 2013: What-If Analysis & Named Scenarios
    4. Excel 2013: Advanced Macros & User Defined Functions

Web Creation (6 Workshops)

This series provides a comprehensive introduction to HTML, CSS, and Web image production; it concludes with a practice lab where participants can apply what they’ve learned in an open-ended setting and independently create web resources.

  1. HTML5 & CSS: The Basics
    2. HTML5 & CSS: Structuring Pages
    3. HTML5 & CSS: Creating Style for the Web
    4. Dreamweaver CC 2015: The Basics
    5. Creating Graphics for the Web
    6. Web Creation Project Lab

Desktop Publishing Fundamentals ( 6 Workshops)

In this series, you will learn how to use Photoshop to modify photographs, use Illustrator to create logos and line art, and how to pull it all together with text into a layout using InDesign.

  1. Photoshop CC 2015: The Basics
    2. Illustrator CC 2015: The Basics
    3. Page Design & Layout Basics
    4. InDesign CC 2015: The Basics
    5. InDesign CC 2015: Using Page Masters for Efficient Design
    6. Desktop Publishing Project Lab

Sign up today and start earning your certificate!

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Laura has worked for UITS for over 14 years.She is currently IU IT Training's social media coordinator. She is a grad student in Library Science and has a penchant for reference and content curation. She dances, acts, sings, and does visual art in her spare time.

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